Gold arc ear jacket earrings


Long and elegant earrings, clasic and feminine.
The shape of these earrings frame the shape of the face and accentuates bone structure.
An ultimate jewelry for evening events, as for day to day use.
for it is versatile and modular.
Because it is composed of two separate parts you can wear it in several ways:
* Crossed small arc in front, and directed out, and the great arc back and directed to the face.
* Facing the same direction – both arcs the front of the ear lobe directed in or out of the face.
* Small arc in front and great arc in the back ear lobe directed in or out of the face.
* Wear only the small arc so you get a different type of earrings. Smaller and very gentle.
Each time you actually receive different earrings, so you can fit it to your face structure, mode, style or occasion.
Perfect for brides or special occasions.
It will look great with your evening dress and very chic with your day outfits…

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+ Material: Goldplated on sterling silver .
+ Size : Approx earring length
Small arc – 1.57″ inches (4cm)
Great arc – 2.5″ inches (6.5cm)
+ Weight: 2-2.5 gr (all the earrings are handmade, it might be accurate)
+ All jewelry are wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

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Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 6.5 cm


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