This collection of ballerina dancers is in my head for a very long time, actually since I was a little girl!


In that collection I was inspired by the rhythmic gymnastics athletes, and therefore the name of that collection.


As a child, I was fascinated by the ribbon’s curves when the athletes danced, the movement of the ribbon in the open space was magical to my eyes.


Each jewel from that collection is handmade, so each necklace or earring, bracelet or ring is a bit different from the other, each one is ONE OF A KIND jewel!


The ballerina collection is made from stripe of brass, which I sculpting – this is the best part in production process for me, I love it! to create gentle and feminine shapes from the cold and rough metal, the next step is painting the metal between 3-5 layers, and at the end I add the textile stripes that curled around the brass, the two became one in an elegant dance and together create beautiful one of a kind statement necklace, the textile necklace is long therefor adjustable as you wish – for every outfit & every day!


You can find this lovely ballerina’s necklace in different size and colors, all you have to do.. is choose one J



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