Beatiful and very unique signet ring, made from silver sterling studded with original coin. I love statement rings  – that’s the ultimate jewelry to wear !! and this one is unisex !!


I make each ring handmade, so actually each one is ONE OF A KIND ring, the shape of the ring is influenced by the finger size and the diameter of the coin, and of course the shape and the coin itself, i use coins from all over the world, new coins and old, with hole in the center or without, yellow silver or bronze color, you are the one who choose 🙂


Highly recommend to couples that want the same ring, or maybe each ring with different side of the coin ..?

Amazing gift for the one you love, signet ring with coin from the year/country she/he were born ..


Available in with the coins in the picture but can be with any other coin that you have or buy from ebay (You will send it – I will make it) or.. you can choose coins from my own privet coin collection.


The price depends on the size so please note when you want to purchase to get the exact price.

This are the price for the rings by size :

  • from size: 1us – 5-us : 720nis
  • from size: 5=us – 9us : 780nis
  • from size: 9-us – 13-us : 840nis


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