Large gold and white Ballerina Necklace


Amazing necklace, abstract design, ONE OF A KIND , Perfect for brides .

highlights every look you wear, very stylish, gentle, and unique !!!

The necklace is made from brass, I am playing and folding the brass with my hand, I sculpt the metal,
then i paint the brass between 5-7 layers, to create depth in the texture.
To the brass i add satin ribbon, who integrates with the metal and complements the look,
fits with the folds that i create.
The lenght of the ribbon is very long, so you can choose where you want to tie the necklace,
you can play with the lenght of the necklace, if it will be long necklace or short,
choose differently every day.

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+ Material: Brass with  white satin ribbon.
+ Size: wide 0.39′ ( 1 cm ).
+ All jewelry are wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

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Dimensions 40 × 1 cm


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