Gold and Black shaggy Cuff Bracelet


Stunning cuff bracelet, modern desgin, one of a kind, comfortable to wear,
highlights every look, very stylish !!

Jewelry are sculptures for us to wear, this is how i think, this is why i design jewelry !
Lovely to wear with your day outfit, and Amazing with your dress at night !!

The bracelet is made from brass that i produce by my self, i sculpt the metal,
then i paint the brass between 5-7 layers, to create depth in the texture.
To the cuff, i add from the inside, a black ribbon, to highlight the bracelet,
and for a pleasant feel on the hand.

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+ Material: Brass with black ribbon.
+ All jewelry are wrapped in a beautiful gift box.


Measure your wrist with a flexible tape.Measure just below the wrist bone.
Measure it not too tight and not too loose .Then add an inch to this perimeter.
For example, if the wrist is 5.75 inches than the bracelet size is 6.75 inches (s size)

+ Small: 6.75″ inches (17.15 cm).
+ Medium : 7.25″ inches (18.4 cm) – STANDARD SIZE.
+ Large: 7.75″ inches (19.7 cm).
+ Extra Large : 8.25″  inches (21 cm).


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