Gold swan earrings (extra long)


Gorgeous dainty extra long earrings, simplicity and classic just like their name SWAN.

These earrings create the contour of our neck, extends the neck, just like a swan. sometimes it looks just like another part of your hair.

Their minimalist design and clean look make them wearable day or night !!!

They are so beautiful and so unique !!

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+ Material: 24k gold plated on sterling silver.
+ Size: Approx earring length 5.5″ (14cm).
+ Weight: Approx weight 1 g each.
+ Thickness: Approx thickness 0.03″ (0.8 mm).
+ All jewelry are wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 14 × 0.8 cm


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