Red U necklace with Black & White checkered textile ribbon


Unique minimalist statement necklace. Modern brass necklace in red, white & black. A Boho jewelry for a CHIC look.

This gorgeous red U necklace has a minimalist, clean design. It gives you a sophisticated stylish look. When wearing it short with a plain T-shirt the necklace adds an elegant element to your look and brightens up your face. With a dress or a wide outfit wearing it long gives you a chic look. This unique U necklace is very handy, you can wear it on both sides to freshen up your appearance! It is also a wonderful gift for any woman who likes statement jewelry.

This U shape modern necklace is Gioiellibyliat original design. The black & white checkered textile curled around the red sculpted brass stripe in a U shape, the two became one and together create beautiful one of a kind statement necklace. The textile necklace is long therefor adjustable so you can wear it short or long as you wish – for every outfit & every day!

Enjoy a stylish and fashionable look with this modern red necklace.

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Necklace Details:
* Materials: Brass with textile
* Colors: Red, Black, White
* Necklace weight: 14gr

* Pendant measurements:
— Hight : 5.12″ (13cm)
— Width 2.36″ (6cm)
— Thickness: 0.02″ (0.5mm)

* Textile measurements
— The textile’s length is 19.69″ (50cm) on each side, not including the pendant length.
— Width: 0.39″ (1 cm) (both the textile & the brass)

* All jewelry is wrapped in a beautiful gift box

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 63 × 6 cm


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