Small Pink & White Ballerina necklace


Unique chunky necklace, colorful necklace in white & pink. A statement pendant will pop up every outfit you wear.

This chunky necklace is a feminine, fun and a stylish accessory. The white brass creates a unique contrast with the pink & white stripes textile. Whether you want to add CHIC to your look for work, or a fashionable final touch to your evening wear. You are sure to make a statement with this gorgeous necklace.

This ballerina statement necklace in an original design by Gioiellibyliat. It has a special flowing curved shape, designed and inspired by the rhythmic gymnastics athletes. As a child, I was fascinated by the ribbon’s curves when the athletes danced and today I take this beauty into my necklaces. The pink & white stripes textile curled around the white sculpted brass stripe, the two became one in an elegant dance and together create beautiful one of a kind statement necklace. The textile necklace is long therefor adjustable so you can wear it short or long as you wish – for every outfit & every day!

Enjoy this boho necklace and upgrade your beautiful style.

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Necklace details:
* Materials: Brass with textile
* Colors: White, Pink
* Width: 0.39″ (1cm)
* Pendant length: is: 4″ (10cm)
* Textile length: 20″ (50cm) on each side.
* All jewelry is wrapped in a beautiful gift box


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Dimensions 50 × 10 cm


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